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We understand the importance of reducing our impact on the environment and difficulties one can face when monitoring vulnerable remote locations. Using the Genie Eco Mobile Surveillance Trailer gives customers the option to power the mobile CCTV trailer either with mains or using hydrogen energy where no mains are available.

Hydrogen offers the best solution to reduce environmental impact in today’s market, as hydrogen is a clean energy with a low carbon foot print. Powering the entire CCTV Surveillance system on board the trailer, the operational noise disturbance is near zero, offering efficient energy with 0% emissions from point of delivery making it one of the most eco-friendly surveillance solutions in the market today.

Units can be fitted with either a 360º Degree High Definition Pan Tilt and Zoom camera (Pictured) or, with four fixed Mega Pixel cameras. Fitted onto a Hydraulic Tower Mast that can reach up to 9 metres in height. The Mobile CCTV trailer offers the client the assurance of 24/7 commercial monitoring for out of hours security monitoring, with 4 Radio motion detectors fitted to the mast giving early detection to site intrusions.

Whether it’s for watching over outbuildings, festival events or engineering sites, monitoring vulnerable remote locations is made easier with the Genie Eco Mobile Surveillance Trailer.

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